Have you ever heard of the grape Pelaverga?

Burlotto Pelaverga Pelaverga is a very special grape that is indigenous to Verduno in Piemonte. There are not that many winemakers that make wine with the pelaverga grape (I don't think I have tried any other pelaverga wines) but I really like the one Burlotto makes. Wine: Pelaverga Producer: Burlotto Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: pelaverga Vintage: 2014   Eye: light,... Continue Reading →

Nebbiolo @ Vinmonopolet

  Trediberri Nebbiolo   190,- Azelia Nebbiolo 199,- Alessandro Veglio Nebbiolo 250,- Vietti Perbacco Nebbiolo 250,- Cavallotto Nebbiolo 260,- Burlotto Nebbiolo 265,- Altare Nebbiolo 285,-

Wine of the Week

Burlotto Barolo Cannubi 2011 Wine: Barolo Cannubi Producer: Burlotto Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: nebbiolo Vintage: 2011   Eye: deep, dark red Nose: roses, grass, berries, leather Mouth: cherries. anise, pepper Price Point: $70 Available at Vinmonopolet: no Available at Systembolaget: no

Barbera @ Vinmonopolet

Looking for a good barbera? Here are a few that are available at Vinmonopolet. Note: many of them you have to order. Alessandro Veglio Barbera 209,-  Fratelli Revello Barbera 217,-  Burlotto Barbera 254,- Cigliuti Barbera 256,- Chiara Boschis Barbera 271,- Elio Altare Barbera 285,- Bruno Giacosa Barbera 289,-

Burlotto – A treasure in Verduno

Burlotto - The Palm Tree King (and winemaker of course) Not only does Burlotto grow palm trees, he also makes excellent wines! In a beautiful house in Verduno, you will find a winemaker of the ages (and his 2 beautiful dogs). I am known for my love of La Morra but I will happily visit... Continue Reading →

Signor Toni’s Wine of The Week

More like Wine of the Month Burlotto Aves: Toni's new obssession. And honestly, can you blame him? Burlotto has been a favorite for quite some time, but for some reasone the Aves 2016 has really impressed Toni (an myself). When you drink it you think that this is how a barbera should taste. Burlotto Aves 2016... Continue Reading →

Prowein 2018

Prowein 2018: The Vinitaly of Germany I myself have never been to Prowein, but I have been to Vinitaly and I imagine it's very similar. Basically too many wineries to count get together and show their wines to the people in the trade; which means you have to be a member of the trade to... Continue Reading →

Wine Night at Cascina Nuova

Wine Night a la Piemontegirl Remember I asked you for advice on how to run a Wine Tasting? Well, here is how it went! My very talented friend Elena Baseotto made me some tasting sheets, and I decided to go for 3 wines next to each other: dolcetto, barbera and nebbiolo. The knowledge level among... Continue Reading →

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