Wines round 1 Barolo Night Oslo Edition

Barolo Night 2.0

A few weeks ago, Barolo Night 2.0 took place in Oslo. Overall there were 9 wines, tasted in 3 rounds and here are some tasting notes on the first round. Round 2 and 3 to come!

Barolo Night Oslo

Mauro Molino Vigna Gancia 2008

Reddish brown. Flowers and dark berries on the nose. Round tannins, long finish

Enzoboglietti Riserva 2004

Reddish brown. Earth tones, leather, dark berries and dill on the nose. Tannins present, fruity.

Mauro Sebaste Prapo 2011 

Reddish brown. Some petroleum on the nose. A little thin, tannins present.

In this round I was surprised by the Mauro Molino and the Enzoboglietti. Tobias (@tobias_wineandfood) loves Molino and is trying to make me love it too. And he’s not far away from his goal. Enzoboglietti was so impressive that I decided to visit them when I was in Piemonte in March. When it comes to the Mauro Sebaste I was not that impressed with the wine, nor had I heard of it before. Maybe I will learn more about it in the future, but your now I am sticking with the wines I already know and love.

Barolo Night Oslo Round 1

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