Yes, It Was As Legendary As Expected

Accomasso – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Accomasso? I honestly don’t believe it. The whole thing was like a dream. A bizarre, wonderful, unexpected dream. Do you know about Accomasso? If you do, then you’ve probably heard rumors about what he’s like. And let me tell you: they are true.

Accomasso winery

Here is how it went down

Let me take you back 2 weeks. I contacted my good friend Emanuela (who works at the Cantina Communale in La Morra) and I asked her if it was possible to get a visit with Accomasso. Her response: let’s try. So Friday after lunch 2 weeks later we drove up to his house with our fingers crossed. This lovely lady was running around in the garden chasing a cat around, a cat that was harassing Romeo (Accomasso’s cat). Anyway, she led us into the house and up to the second floor. Emanuela looks at me and I can tell that this is not the way to the winery. And boy was I right. All of a sudden I found myself in Accomasso’s kitchen.

Accomasso painting

1991 in Acomasso’s kitchen?

Lorenzo Accomasso was relaxing on his couch in the kitchen, having a chat with Renato Corino. He was suprised to see me, just like I was not expecting to see him. “Ciao Bionda” he says, like always, and exchanges a few words with Renzo in Piemontese before he leaves us. The lady who had brought us into the kitchen gestured for us to have a seat at his kitchen table. And guess what was right in front of me? A barolo 1991 from Accomasso. Something was said that I didn’t understand and a few moments later I was drinking this amazing wine from 1991.


Accomasso 1991 barolo

This has to be one of the strangest winery visits I have ever had. After about 10 minutes I hear him asking something like “Who is that blonde girl that you brought?”. Finally, I get to introduce myself! I don’t speak Piemontese and he doesn’t really understand my broken Italian so Emanuela translates. This goes on for a while. I just sit there drinking my wine.


Want to know how this picture came about? He saw my camera and asked about it and Emanuela told him I was hoping for a picture (because HELLO, I wanted to document this moment). He then disappeared for a long time and when he came out he had changed his clothes, put on a coat and hat and announced he was ready for the photoshoot!

Best. Visit. Ever.

Thank you Renzo. Thank you lovely lady whose name I never got. And thank you Emanuela. I will NEVER forget this.

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  1. Hi Oda Emilie
    Had the same great expirence 3 years ago – fantastic – but i am bad in both italian and Piemontese – would have loved someone to translate – great personality and great wines – still some bottles left🍷

    1. Accomasso is a very interesting winemaker. I have a few bottles in my cellar that I am very excited to try!

  2. I remember showing the Accomasso 1983 Barolo to wine shops and restaurants in New Jersey as a wine salesman for Leonardo Locassio’s Winebow company. I loved the wine and bought a case of it for my cellar. Several years later I had a Sicilian couple over for dinner and they were California wine drinkers. I brought a bottle of the 83 Accomasso out of the cellar and it had taken on the weight of a Grand Cru burgundy but possessing the sheer beauty of a classic Barolo. As Italian restauranteurs they were enthralled and apologetic at the same time for not understanding Barolo. Matteo told me he never knew Barolo could taste like the wine he was drinking. Having had many Barolo and at one point selling Bruno Giacosa’s wines, Accomasso has always been my favorite. But then again LaMorra, in my view, has the best vineyards in Piedmont!

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