Yes, It Was As Legendary As Expected

Accomasso – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Accomasso? I honestly don’t believe it. The whole thing was like a dream. A bizarre, wonderful, unexpected dream. Do you know about Accomasso? If you do, then you’ve probably heard rumors about what he’s like. And let me tell you: they are true.

Accomasso winery

Here is how it went down

Let me take you back 2 weeks. I contacted my good friend Emanuela (who works at the Cantina Communale in La Morra) and I asked her if it was possible to get a visit with Accomasso. Her response: let’s try. So Friday after lunch 2 weeks later we drove up to his house with our fingers crossed. This lovely lady was running around in the garden chasing a cat around, a cat that was harassing Romeo (Accomasso’s cat). Anyway, she led us into the house and up to the second floor. Emanuela looks at me and I can tell that this is not the way to the winery. And boy was I right. All of a sudden I found myself in Accomasso’s kitchen.

Accomasso painting

1991 in Acomasso’s kitchen?

Lorenzo Accomasso was relaxing on his couch in the kitchen, having a chat with Renato Corino. He was suprised to see me, just like I was not expecting to see him. “Ciao Bionda” he says, like always, and exchanges a few words with Renzo in Piemontese before he leaves us. The lady who had brought us into the kitchen gestured for us to have a seat at his kitchen table. And guess what was right in front of me? A barolo 1991 from Accomasso. Something was said that I didn’t understand and a few moments later I was drinking this amazing wine from 1991.


Accomasso 1991 barolo

This has to be one of the strangest winery visits I have ever had. After about 10 minutes I hear him asking something like “Who is that blonde girl that you brought?”. Finally, I get to introduce myself! I don’t speak Piemontese and he doesn’t really understand my broken Italian so Emanuela translates. This goes on for a while. I just sit there drinking my wine.


Want to know how this picture came about? He saw my camera and asked about it and Emanuela told him I was hoping for a picture (because HELLO, I wanted to document this moment). He then disappeared for a long time and when he came out he had changed his clothes, put on a coat and hat and announced he was ready for the photoshoot!

Best. Visit. Ever.

Thank you Renzo. Thank you lovely lady whose name I never got. And thank you Emanuela. I will NEVER forget this.

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  1. Hi Oda Emilie
    Had the same great expirence 3 years ago – fantastic – but i am bad in both italian and Piemontese – would have loved someone to translate – great personality and great wines – still some bottles left🍷

    1. Accomasso is a very interesting winemaker. I have a few bottles in my cellar that I am very excited to try!

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