Pylsa & Barolo

Pylsa og Barolo lineup

Happy birthday, dad!

It’s that time of year again. Pylsa & Barolo. Hot dogs and red wine.

Pylsa & Barolo 2018 went off without a hitch and as you can see we drank some good wines. We started the night off with champagne from Pierre Peters (a bubbly that even I enjoy) and moved into 2011 barolo while eating hot dogs flown in from Idsøe in Stavanger.

2011 is supposed to be a very approachable vintage now, but for me it is still too young. We all know I prefer older barolo. Unfortunately I did not make it to all of the wines as many disappeared long before they reached my table. But some of my favorites include Vietti Castiglione, Marengo Brunate and Bartolo Mascarello. I had some Altare Cerretta, and although this is a very good wine, for me it is a little too masculine and should have stayed in the cellar another decade.

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