Pylsa & Barolo

Happy birthday, dad! It's that time of year again. Pylsa & Barolo. Hot dogs and red wine. Pylsa & Barolo 2018 went off without a hitch and as you can see we drank some good wines. We started the night off with champagne from Pierre Peters (a bubbly that even I enjoy) and moved into... Continue Reading →


Barolo Night Oslo Remember the Barolo Night I had in Sweden? This weekend was Barolo Night 2.0 Oslo edition! Oh man did we drink some good wines. The layout of these Barolo Weekends are starting to form, and so on Friday we eat pizza and drink Pizza Wines. Check out these amazing Pizza Wines in... Continue Reading →

Looking for a good summer wine?

In need of good a summer wine? Wines are good all year, but some work better than others as "summer wine". Below are a few of my favorites to drink during the summer months (or weeks if you live in Norway!) Starting from the left, we have Ettore Germano's Herzu. It is by far one... Continue Reading →

Friday Pizza

Friday Pizza has been a longstanding tradition. When Friday comes around, wherever I am, I try to make pizza. Lake Como, Milano, Stavanger, Boston; doesn't matter. Recently, Friday Pizza has been accompanied by Blind Tasting. This particular occasion was to teach my brother's friend a little about wine. We decided to stay in one area,... Continue Reading →

Wine of the Week

Bartolo Mascarello Dolcetto d'Alba 2015   Wine: Dolcetto d'Alba Producer: Bartolo Mascarello Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Dolcetto Vintage: 2015   Eye: deep, dark color Nose: florals, dark fruits, leather, dried herbs Mouth: balanced palate, good acidity, dark fruits   Price Point: $24 Available at Vinmonopolet: yes

Dolcetto at Vinmonopolet

      Pira Dolcetto 2014, 206,-         Oddero Dolcetto d'Alba 2013, 199,-             Bruno Giacosa Dolcetto d'Alba 2015, 248,-         Bartolo Mascarello Dolcetto d'Alba 2014, 270,-           Azelia Dolcetto d'Alba Bricco dell'Oriolo 2013, 165,-    

Wine of the Week

Freisa Bartolo Mascarello Wine: Langhe Freisa Producer: Bartolo Mascarello Region/Appellation: Italy, Barolo Grape varieties: Freisa Vintage: 2013 Eye: opaque, purple crimson hue Nose: raspberry, cherry, red fruit, tea Mouth: fruit, some yeast, slightly fizzy     Price point: $23 Available at Vinmonopolet: NO

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