Barolo and Friends had another great event in Oslo, this time it was a Piemonte Festival at Nedre Foss Gård. Some wine producers joined us, like Roberto from Malvira, so I got to practice my italian! I had the opportunity to try over 80 wines (but I didn’t, because we all know I don’t spit).

Piemontefestival Malvira

My favorite “stand” was Malvira; mostly because he was so much fun to talk to. I had never tried the Malvira wines before, and I know very little about Roero, so it was a very educational evening.

Roberto Damonte runs the winery with his brother Massimo. Massimo is responsible for the vineyards, while Roberto works in the cellar. The winery started production in 1950, and now makes over 20 wines.

There was a contest where you could win a 2 night stay in Piemonte. The one who picked the lucky winner was Daniele Manzone, the director of I Vini Del Piemonte, who also helped organize the event.


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