Barolo and Friends had another great event in Oslo, this time it was a Piemonte Festival at Nedre Foss Gård. Some wine producers joined us, like Roberto from Malvira, so I got to practice my italian! I had the opportunity to try over 80 wines (but I didn’t, because we all know I don’t spit).

Piemontefestival Malvira My favorite “stand” was Malvira; mostly because he was so much fun to talk to. I had never tried the Malvira wines before, and I know very little abour Roero, so it was a very educational evening.

There was a contest where you could win a 2 night stay in Piemonte. The one who picked the lucky winner was Daniele Manzone, the director of I Vini Del Piemonte, who also helped organize the event.




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