Top 5 Experiences Summer 2017

Tour at Altare

We took the whole Norwegian crew to Altare and Silvia gave us a beautiful tour of the vineyards and the winery. Check out that awesome staff!

Repubblicca di Perno

Pylsa & Barolo Piemonte Edition

Every year for my dad’s birthday we have Pylsa & Barolo. This year we brought the whole crew to La Morra. It was quite the weekend!


Meeting Giovanni Corino’s geese

This was a very strange but fun experience. Those geese were crazy, but they loved Giovanni. FYI I did not pet the goose. Not even close.

Giovanni Corino and the Geese
Just casually petting his goose

Lunch at Ciccio

Imagine 30+ crazy norwegians signing at the top of their lungs in Serralunga. Ciccio couldn’t believe his eyes. I wonder if we’re allowed to come back?

I am excite to see what this summer will bring! Stay tuned!

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