Summer 2018

Summer is over, and many memories have been created! Here are some of my favorite experiences this summer. Baroliadi   Cascina Fontana I love new experiences. My first visit to Cascina Fontana was amazing. Mario not only makes great wine but he is a wonderful person as well. I highly recommend you to visit his... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Experiences Summer 2017

Tour at Altare We took the whole Norwegian crew to Altare and Silvia gave us a beautiful tour of the vineyards and the winery. Check out that awesome staff! Repubblicca di Perno Pylsa & Barolo Piemonte Edition Every year for my dad's birthday we have Pylsa & Barolo. This year we brought the whole crew... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Hotels in Barolo

Not in any particular order, these are some of the best hotels in the barolo area. And remember, since I usually stay at Corte Gondina or in an aribnb, my hotel "knowledge" is somehow limited. But if you are looking for a hotel, these 5 are good ones. Corte Condina Rocche Costemagna Palais Cerequio Relais... Continue Reading →

Top 5 “local” dishes in Barolo

Insalata Russa Vitello Tonnato Ragu Carne Cruda Bagna Cauda   Insalata Russa A "russian" salad of peas, carrots and potato with a mayo tuna sauce. One of my favorites! Vitello Tonnato A tuna sauce with kapers over sliced veal. Very good! Ragu Usually served with tajarin, this ragu is a must. The meat varies, but... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Wine Experiences in Oslo

Last year I mentioned my favorite places to go for a glass (or bottle) of wine. I stand by the first 4, but Dr. Kneipp has now been replaced with BA53. Territoriet Le Benjamin Beijing Palace Cru Dr. Kneipp     BA53 BA53 has become one of my favorite restaurants, with both incredible food and a great... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Wine Experiences in NYC

Burger & Barrel Babbo Maialino Charlie Bird Lupa Burger& Barrel This place is kind of quirky. Along with very stereotypical burgers they also have a really good wine list. It might sound a little strange at first. How good of a wine pairing can that be, does anything really go with greasy burgers? Don't knock... Continue Reading →

Top 5 on my Barolo Bucket List

La Ciau Del Tornavento Truffel hunting Pasquetta Harvest Conterno La Ciau Del Tornavento I have never been to this restaurant, but I here it is something you should experience. They have an insane wine list, and a very cool wine cellar. They have over 60.000 bottles of wine from over 450 producers in over 14... Continue Reading →

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