Vinoteket – Pizza Heaven

… and the wine isn’t bad either.

Vinoteket is the place to be these days, both for their incredible pizza and their good wine list. Recently opened at Solli Plass, there never seems to be an empty table. But then again, pizza and wine is a killer combination

The Art of Pizza

The menu says pizza, but my brain says art. Crab, tandoori, procini, salmon, meatballs – who knew this was pizza material. A little skeptical but intrigued I order the tasting menu. Up first is crab on sourdough. And what arrives at the table is not just a pizza. It’s art.

Most of you know I make pizza every Friday so I feel very well versed in the art of pizza. As it turns out, I’m a complete amateur. The sourdough is thick, yet crispy. And the crab + mozzarella + aioli + chives heaven that they call pizza just blew me away.

I’m already excited for the next one: mushrooms. And guess what? I hate mushrooms. Turns out, if it’s mushroom ragu + panfried cep, spring onion, dill, chestnut-pecorino on hydrolisis dough, mushrooms kind of rock. At this point I am thoroughly impressed.

The next two don’t disappoint either. Tandoori, which is sourdough, argentine king prawns, capsicum chutney, paneer & coriander is a little too spicy for me, but delicious. This one did not pair perfectly with my Roche de Bellene Pinot Noir. You can opt for the Vinoteket wine menu as well, where you get a glass of wine better suited for the food. The last pizza was Porchetta: sourdough, porchetta, mozzarella, grilled pumpkin, poached quail egg, pecorino cream and oregano. Might sound a little strange (I mean pumpkin and quail egg??) but it was as delicious & surprising as the other ones.

Vinoteket – the place to be

Now, here’s a tip for those who want to try: I’d get the tasting menu. That way you can try a multitude of amazing pizza combinations. But I am also not sure I could eat one whole pizza with crab. Or mushrooms. Or tandoori shrimp. And let’s face it, you don’t really go to Vinoteket for a mozzarella pizza.

Vinoteket opened not long ago, about mid 2018, so as with any new business there are always some kinks. But overall I am impressed with the food, the wine list, the service and the interior. You should also check out their events. Gaia Gaja held a tasting there in February. At the end of April there is a Bordeaux tasting. Lot’s of fun things happening! I’ll definitely be back!

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