The Barolo “Boy”

Chiara Boschis – a Barolo “boy”

About 30 years ago there was a revolution in the Langhe area, when the so called “modernists” where born. You may be able to debate how it started, but it can be argued that Elio played a big role when he brought his father’s big barrel outside and turned it into kindling. What followed was a sort of “war” between the modernists and traditionalists.

Chiara Boschis

I’m not sure you’ve heard of the “Barolo Boys“, but they are the main characters in this so called war. And amid all the boys – Elio Altare, Accomasso, Beppe Rinaldi & Roberto Voerzio – you have Chiara Boschis. Chiara assumed responsibility of the winery in 1980, and back then it was uncommon for women to be winemakers. But she persevered and the results are outstanding.

Chiara Boschis Wine Cellar

Chiara is a fiery, feisty, fantastic person with boatloads of passion. And her incredible energy is contagious. Chiara is not just a winemaker, she is a hard core farmer on a mission to save the planet. Global warming or global climate change is a common topic in the area these days.

Extreme weather & temperatures creates all sorts of issues for the vines. This year, there has been almost no rain, and rain is crucial in this period when the buds are appearing on the vines. And if there is frost after the buds have appeared, then there is a whole other set of issues. Just look at Burgundy the past week.

But Chiara, along with many other winemakers in the area, fights with all she’s got. Biodiversity & organic are popular words these days, and for Chiara they are words to live by! She always looks for new ways to aid the land where she grows her wine. She continuously thinks of new ways to improve. Chiara never gives up!

As for the wines, Chiara always strives for perfection. 2014 was a difficult year, so 2015 I think would automatically be a good year (compared to the 2014). As with any agricultural product, the wine reflects the vintage was well as the soil. Chiara Boschis made excellent wines both years, but I think I prefer 2015 over 2014 Mosconi. I look forward to the next vintages, as well as the transformation of the wines in the bottle.

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