Kokkenes Dag 2019

Kokkenes Dag – a food festival that collects the best chefs in Norway, making it the place to be for us foodies.

The concept is as follows: each restaurants serves one or two dishes at a reasonable price, giving everyone a chance to taste their talent. Cru brought their A-game with their special, and it was so popular that by the time I went to buy some they were SOLD OUT!

Kokkenes Dag - Brutus

This year’s impressive list of restaurants include:
& many more

Oysters prepared by Heidi at Kokkenes Dag

I have to be honest – my main goal for the day was to meet Heidi from Credo. She has quickly become a sensation in Norway (and the world) and it is my mission to not only visit her restaurant, but to go with her on one of her sea expeditions. If you want to read more about Credo and Heidi, check out this article from the Financial Times.

Not surprisingly, Heidi from Credo won “Chef of the year”. Happolati brought home “Restaurant of the year”. Maybe it’s time I try it. Add it to the list!

Save the date for next year – June 7th!

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