Fossils in Valmaggiore

You’ve heard of the Valmaggiore wine from Marengo, right? If not, you’re missing out. One of the reasons you might not have heard of it is because this particular Nebbiolo d’Alba is almost ALWAYS sold out! I swear, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on a bottle. But, I have some very good news: Marengo just expanded the vineyard in Valmaggiore!

While expanding the vineyard, reworking the soil and planting new vines, they found fossils! How cool is that? We all know that the soil plays an important role for wine, and the soil can vary drastically from vineyard to vineyard. Finding those fossils is just further proof, and can attest to some of the characteristics in this particular nebbiolo.

Valmaggiore Fossils

The expansion also means more Nebbiolo d’Alba Valmaggiore! Unfortunately, we have to wait about 3 years before any wine can be made from the new vines. But mark your calendars, because it’s a wine you don’t want to miss. In the meantime, you should try the other wines from Marengo. I highly recommend their Brunate!

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