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Piemonte Slipp Release List

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Piemonte Slipp x Piemonte Girl

Thursday – It’s happening! Similar to the Burgund Slipp, exclusive & rare wines from Piemonte will be released Thursday morning, spread throughout special stores across the country. You’ll find me at Aker Brygge! You can also follow #PiemonteSlipp on Instagram to stay tuned.

Piemonte Slipp vs Burgund Slipp

Which wines can you expect?

Compared to the Burgundy release, the number of wines are fewere and the prices lower. Some of my favorites are on the list, like Chiara Boschis, Francesco Rinaldi and Brovia. It’s not limited to Piemonte, wines from Tuscany, Sicilia and more also made the list. You might also get your hands on a Soldera for 4000kr (roughly $450).

Chiara Boschis Mosconi

One of the wines to be released is Chiara Boschis Barolo Mosconi 2015. A single vineyard cru from Monforte, aged in barrique for 2 years and then one year in bottle. Although the wine is from a more “masculine” terroir, Chiara manages to integrate the tannins very well, allowing the floral notes of barolo to surface. The spice notes, like chocolate and pepper, are also present. 2015 was a good vintage, but I would keep this wine for at least 10 years.

Chiara Boschis Piemonte Slipp

Francesco Rinaldi Cannubi

Cannubi, a historic cru in Piemonte, also made the Piemonte Slipp list! Francesco Rinaldi, located in Barolo next to the Cannubi hills, take pride in this barolo. The soil in Barolo is more sandy than in Monforte, giving the wine more floral and fruity flavors. You can drink it now, or keep 10+ years. I find that the wines from La Morra, Barolo & Castiglione are more apporachable early, compared to wines from Serralunga and Monforte. But this is all about personal taste as well.

Francesco Rinaldi Cannubi Piemonte Slipp

Oher wines at the Piemonte Slipp

Famous names like Bruno Giacosa, Roagna, Manzone, Elvio Cogno & Aldo Conterno are also on the list. There will also be a few magnums. And it doesn’t seem like any of the wines have a quota, like with the Burgundy Release, so it’s every woman for herself! Wish me luck!

Manzone Piemonte Slipp

What is missing at the Piemonte Slipp?

There are many names that have not made the list (at least not yet). Where are the wines from Giuseppe Rinaldi? Or Bartolo Mascarello? Burlotto? What about Elio Altare? I also think the Rocche dell’Annunziata from Trediberri should be on the list… Still trying to wrap my head around how the system works at Vinmonopolet, so if anyone knows, feel free to enlighten me!

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