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Last week I tagged along a guy’s trip with 10 Norwegians and I showed them some of the wonderful things Piemonte has to offer. Our days included participating in winery activities, walking a 10k with champagne as the prize and of course many great meals. I also got to tag along on my first ever truffle hunt! On a Piemontegirl Tour you will be able to do all of these things, and more!


During a Piemontegirl tour you are guaranteed a fun winery experience. Whether it’s with the very talented and energetic Silvia Altare, an interactive experience with Marco Marengo, or a trip in the vineyards with Nicola, you’ll learn something new and have a lot of fun! This time, we caught Nicola at Trediberri at the end of the harvest period, and we got to see how “pumping over” works. We also measured the sugar level in the wine (after we got to taste it). If you’re lucky, Nicola will join you for Champagnemilå after.


Q: What is it?
A: A 10k walk through the vineyards from La Morra to Serralunga, with champagne served by Alessio at Vinoteca Centro Storico. If you do it “Piemontegirl style” you get one of these handy “bibs” and a glass so you can drink wine along the way.

Q: Why do you do it?
A: It’s a unique way to experience Piemonte. Biking is fun, but when you walk you can get up close and personal with nature. And with a nice break in Castiglione to refuel, the walk doesn’t seem so bad. Even for people who normally prefer to drive (like me!)

Q: What happens when you reach the goal?
A: Champagne! And then lunch. So make sure to book a table at Ciccio’s. And if your shoes are muddy, feel free to leave them outside. You’ll get a smile out of Alessio and Stefania.

What about food?

There is not exactly a shortage of restaurants in Piemonte. There are plenty of excellent option to chose from. I have compiled a list of restaurants here. FYI it’s in no way “complete”, but these are ones I have tried and highly recommend.

For this trip, More Macine and Vinoteca Centro Storico made the list. With a larger group (in the middle of the Truffle Festival) it can be difficult to find a place, so make sure you book far in advance.


For those who don’t speak Norwegians, this basically means “On a trip with Piemontegirl.” I am happy to join you in Piemonte or help you plan a trip! Interested? Send me a message or an email.

To see pictures from my trips, check out the hashtag #PåTurMedPiemontegirl!

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