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Norwegians are getting ready for all the wines being released on Friday. I’ve been lucky to try a few (or more) beforehand and here are some of my favorites.

Weingut Walter Kabinett Riesling 2018

I’ve grown more and more fond of Riesling the past year, and this was a pretty good one. Must admit I don’t know a lot about the winery and how the wine is made, but I quite like the Kabinett from Weingut Walter. And it’s available at a very decent price as well.

Available in BU at Vinmonopolet (11357201) 149,90kr

Cigliuti Langhe Nebbiolo 2018

You’re probably not surprised that a Langhe Nebbiolo for Piemonte made the list. Claudia Cigliuti from Neive makes really good wines. She might be most known for the Serraboella, but I quite like the Langhe Nebbiolo. I might have priced it a little lower (the Altare Nebbiolo is 285kr and the Trediberri Nebbiolo is 189kr), but it’s always good with some variety!

Available in BU at Vinmonopolet (11347301) 299kr

Lamy Saint-Aubin La Princée 2017

Summer is over but one need not fret; it’s king crab season! And it’s never wrong to pair Hubert Lamy with king crab. With notes of citrus and white stone fruit, and of course a hint of oak, Hubert Lamy does not disappoint!

Available in BU at Vinmonopolet (11347101) 388kr

Cavallotto Barolo Bricco Boschis Riserva San Giuseppe 2013

I think the words Cavallotto, Bricco Boschis and Riserva say it all. But I’ll say more anyways. Obviously still very young, but with incredible potential. Tannins are persistent, but disappear after a while and you’re left with wonderful notes of fruit.

Available in BU at Vinmonopolet (11336201) 1274kr

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