Mushroom Wine Pairing

It’s mushroom season which means it’s a wonderful time to make mushroom risotto! Or mushroom pizza! Or maybe a mushroom ragu! Now, what is a good mushroom wine pairing?

Mushroom Wine Pairing

Mushroom wine pairing depends on how you’re preparing the mushroom. There are so many different ways to cook mushrooms, and the ingredients you use determine what wine to drink. You’ll want one wine for a simple mushroom ragu and another for a more complex pasta dish.


Making a pasta or a pizza? I’d go for a Barbera. The acidity in the wine will go nicely with your mushroom ragu or chanterell pizza! I recently made a mushroom risotto with mushrooms I picked in the forest, and paired it with a Barbera from Diego Morra!

Check out some of my other favorite Barbera’s:

Ghiomo Vigna Granda
Azelia Barbera Punta
Cavallotto Vigna Cucolo
Burlotto Barbera Aves


As soon as you add a lot of butter, cream or oil, a Nebbiolo might be more suitable. That said, you don’t necessarily need to go straight to the Barolo’s. I really like Langhe Nebbiolo, and think they can be a great “alternative” to a Barolo! Here are some of my go to Nebbiolo’s:

Elio Altare Langhe Nebbiolo
Trediberi Langhe Nebbioolo (NB Link to a magnum)
Diego e Damiano Barale Langhe Nebbiolo
Marengo Valmaggiore Nebbiolo d’Alba

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