Wild Garlic Wine Pairing

Ready for wild garlic wine pairing? It’s spring which means it’s wild garlic season! We live in a world where we can get almost any ingredient year round, making seasonal foods that much more interesting. I’ve also found that picking or “gathering” my own food makes the whole experience a lot more fun. So, while I wait for chantrelle season, I’ll be “hunting” wild garlic!

What is wild garlic?

Wild garlic, or ramsons, is a relative of onion and garlic. It’s often used as an herb or spice, or as an ingredient in different foods, like pesto or butter.  

NB: don’t mistake wild garlic with lily of the valley. The latter is poisonous. You’ll know it’s wild garlic by grinding your fingers on the leaf and checking for a garlic smell.

Wild Garlic Wine Pairing

With Wild garlic wine pairing is all about how you intend on using the wild garlic.

Wild garlic pesto

If you put wild garlic pesto on your pasta, I would try a fresh and fruity white wine like Vietti Arneis or  Diego Morra Langhe Chardonnay. You can also put wild garlic pesto on your hamburger. In that case a Langhe Nebbiolo from Alessandro Veglio or Trediberri would work well.

Wild Garlic Risotto

The parmesan in risotto makes Barbera a good pairing. The Corino Barbera could be a good fit. A Langhe Nebbiolo would probably also work. I really like the Cavallotto Langhe Nebbiolo.

Wild Garlic and Barolo

If you serve wild garlic as a “garnish” with meat, it might be a nice opportunity to pop open a Barolo. You could try the Gianfranco Alessandria Barolo or the Azelia Barolo.

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