Mauro Veglio Paiagallo 2016

I have the pleasure of introducing, for the first time, Mauro Veglio Paiagallo 2016! But before I dig into the Paiagallo 2016, some back story might be in order. A few years ago, Mauro Veglio and Alessandro Veglio joined forces, and now make wine under the same name: Mauro Veglio. Along with his talent, Alessandro also brought Paiagallo, and Mauro Veglio was able to add another wine to their portfolio!


Paiagallo, an important MGA, is located on the eastern slopes of Barolo. The soil is composed of Sandstone and Marl (silt and clay). This cru has a surface of 12.35 hectares, neighboring the vineyards Terlo and Via Nuova.


With the Paiagallo, Veglio decided to do things a little differently. The Paiagallo spends about 20-25 days on the skins, which is a little longer than the other Barolo’s. In addition, they only do a couple of pump overs, giving the wine rounder and softer tannins. The longer maceration and gentle pump over results in a delicate extraction.  Another big difference is the use of big barrels.  

Mauro Veglio Paiagallo 2016

Mauro Veglio Paiagallo 2016

Mauro Veglio Paiagallo 2016 has a very elegant nose of red berries, mainly strawberry and raspberry. The wine is powerful but elegant. Remarkably soft tannins!

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