Trediberri Bricco Mollea

Trediberri Bricco Mollea

Introducing: Trediberri Bricco Mollea & the new vintages! It’s always exciting when the new vintages are released, and we are all eagerly anticipating the 2016 Barolo’s. But I have to say I am also really excited for the new addition to the Trediberri family – a Dogliani Dolcetto!

The Bricco Mollea vineyard is located in Vicoforte, far south in Langhe. Dolcetto’s from Dogliani tend to be more intense than Dolcetto’s from La Morra, and if you combine the terroir with the 62 year old plants, you get a complex and intense Dolcetto. Note, when I say intense it’s not intense in a bad way. Quite the opposite actually. The Trediberri Bricco Mollea Dolcetto is fruity and rich; a beautiful expression of the grape variety.

Please, every sip you drink, be happy

Trediberri Lineup, including the Trediberri Bricco Mollea

Trediberri Bricco Mollea Dolcetto 2019

The Dolcetto grapes grow in Vicoforte, near Mondovi, in the southern part of Langhe. The vines were  planted in 1958, which mean the plants are about 60 years old. It’s a 100% Dolcetto, fermented in concrete.

The first thing I notice is that beautiful Dolcetto nose. And explosion of dark berries. The 2019 vintage seems to be a bit more intense than 2018, and the intensity continues in the mouth. It’s still a fresh and fruity Dolcetto, with a pure expression. A wonderful first edition of this wine.

Barbera d’Alba 2019

Trediberri’s Barbera is 100% Barbera, fermented in concrete tanks. Barbera is known for being lush and bold – it likes hot weather, it likes concentration, it likes being big. But the Trediberri Barbera is more pure. It’s less bold, with a fresh fruitiness. There’s also a very good acidity.

Langhe Nebbiolo 2019

The grapes in the Trediberri Langhe Nebbiolo come from the Berri vineyard, from a vineyard in Alta Langa, and 10% of grapes from Roero to give a hint of perfume.

Consistent with other 2019’s I’ve tasted, the Langhe Nebbiolo has an explosive nose. Very fruity, floral and fresh. Red fruit dominated, but there are notes of roses and tobacco. Firm but elegant tannins that disappear quickly.

Barolo 2016

The Nebbiolo grapes go through a 3 week maceration in concrete tanks. Trediberri Barolo 2016 has a typical Barolo nose: tobacco, tar, roses. It’s a little subtle at first, and needs time to open up. A big wine  yet elegant at the same time. As Antonio Galloni said, “This is an especially potent vintage for the straight Barolo, and there is clearly so much going on in the glass; it is a superb wine in the making.”

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