Wine with Lamb

Are you ready to have some wine with lamb, before the lamb turn into sheep? Maybe you’ve had your fill with all the Easter lamb, but I personally love a good rack of lamb with root veggies in the fall. As with every wine pairing, it always depends on how you cook it and what you’re eating it with. But here are some of my go to pairings.

Wine With Lamb

Wine with Lamb – general guidelines

When pairing wine with Lamb, cooking method and side dishes count. If you’re barbecuing and using a spicy marinade, perhaps a Riesling would work best. Acidity in Barbera pairs well with braised lamb, while the tannins in Nebbiolo fit nicely with a lamb shank.

Rack of Lamb

Rack of lamb – one of my absolute favorite dishes. Add some root puré and colorful carrots and you’ve got yourself a feast. With this dish, I’d go for the Nebbiolo grape. A Langhe Nebbiolo will do, like the one from Francesco Borgogno  or the Marengo Nebbiolo d’Alba Vigna Valmaggiore.

If you want to crank it up a notch, go for a Barolo Classico from Giovanni Corino or Ghiomo Sansteu Nebbiolo d’Alba Superiore. A Barbaresco would also work very well! I can highly recommend the wine from La Vedetta, a new winery with enormous potential!


Fårikål– the typical Norwegian fall dinner. Long cooked lamb in sauerkraut. Yes, you read correctly. If this is your thing, I would recommend a Barbera, like the one from Trediberri or the one from  Diego Morra. You’ll want the acidity in the Barbera, so be careful not to chose a wine with too much oak.

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