Wine of the Week

Marengo Barbera Vigna Pugnane 2015   Wine: Barbera Vigna Pugnane Producer: Marco Marengo Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Barbera Vintage: 2015   Eye: intense ruby red Nose: fruity, red berries Mouth: full-bodied, fruity, warm Price Point: $13 Available at Vinmonopolet: yes Available at Systembolaget: no

Wine of the Week

Carolo Revello Barbera d'Alba 2016 Wine: Barbera d'Alba Producer: Carlo Revello Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Barbera Vintage: 2016   Eye: ruby red Nose: slightly indistinct, some dark berries, cherry and blackberry Mouth: high acidity, fresh, medium body Price Point: $17 Available at Vinmonopolet: no Available at Systembolaget: yes

Wine of the Week

Roberto Voerzio Barbera Cerreto 2012 Wine: Barbera Cerreto Producer: Roberto Voerzio Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Barbera Vintage: 2012   Eye: deep intense purple red Nose: dark berries, spices, some caramel, Mouth: concentrated, cherries, some toast, full bodied Price Point: $30 Available at Vinmonopolet: no Available at Systembolaget: no

Barbera @ Vinmonopolet

Looking for a good barbera? Here are a few that are available at Vinmonopolet. Note: many of them you have to order. Alessandro Veglio Barbera 209,-  Fratelli Revello Barbera 217,-  Burlotto Barbera 254,- Cigliuti Barbera 256,- Chiara Boschis Barbera 271,- Elio Altare Barbera 285,- Bruno Giacosa Barbera 289,-

Wine of the Week

Gianfranco Alessandria Vittoria Barbera 2013 Wine: Vittoria Barbera Producer: Gianfranco Alessandria Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Barbera Vintage: 2013   Eye: bright red Nose: tobacco, vanilla, cherry, plums Mouth: balanced tannins, fruity but with good acidity Price Point: $30 Available at Vinmonopolet: no Available at Systembolaget: no

Wines under 190kr at Vinmonopolet

Here are some wines for under 190kr. Keep in mind they might be sold out or need to be ordered. Andrea Oberto Dolcetto 149,- Elvio Cogno   Dolcetto 170,- Pira Barbera 175,- Trediberri Barbera 175,- Bruno Rocca Nebbiolo 184,-  

Signor Toni’s Wine of The Week

More like Wine of the Month Burlotto Aves: Toni's new obssession. And honestly, can you blame him? Burlotto has been a favorite for quite some time, but for some reasone the Aves 2016 has really impressed Toni (an myself). When you drink it you think that this is how a barbera should taste. Burlotto Aves 2016... Continue Reading →

Scarrone: A barbera worth trying

Vietti Vigna Scarrone Barbera d'Alba 2011 Wine: Vigna Scarrone Producer: Vietti Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: barbera Vintage: 2011   Eye: ruby red Nose: cherries, vanilla, spices Mouth: fruity, with good acidity, well balanced Price Point: $32 Available at Vinmonopolet: yes Available at Systembolaget: yes

Wine of the Week

Elio Altare Barbera d'Alba Wine: Barbera d'alba Producer: Elio Altare Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Barbera Vintage: 2011   Eye: ruby red, violet reflections Nose: violets, black cherry Mouth: dark red fruits, full bodied, good acidity Price Point: $15 Available at Vinmonopolet: Yes Available at Systembolaget: nei

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