Fratelli Revello Barolo 2016

Climate in 2016

What is the best weather, you might ask. The reason it’s hard to answer this question is the fact that each step of the way, the grapes need different things. You want rain in the growing season, but not too much. During the harvest, the absence of rain is preferred. It needs to be warm, but not too warm, and you also want the nights to be cooler toward the harvest, but not too cool. The grapes are indeed quite high maintenance.

But then you have the “magic” vintages. The weather in 2016 was just about as perfect as can get for the Nebbiolo grapes. The growing season was long, there was an absence of natural disasters like hail, the weather was stable toward the end of the season and the harvest was late.

Fratelli Revello

Fratelli Revello Family

The Fratelli Revello story dates all the way back to 1945, but it wasn’t until 1967 they started to vinify their grapes under a family label – Giovanni Revello & Figli. In 1990, Carlo and Lorenzo Revello took over the estate, and worked together until 2016 when they decided to go in different directions. Fratelli Revello stayed with Lorenzo while Carlo started his own label: Carlo Revello & Figli.

It’s quite common for wineries to divide and “multiply” as the family grows. The same happened to the Corino’s in 2005. Just imagine how many would end up working at a winery if everyone had 2-4 children each! I think it’s a win-win, because then each sibling gets to make wine in their own way and we get another interpretation of the wine!

Fratelli Revello Barolo 2016

Barolo 2016 – the vintage to rule them all? Every vintage is different. Some are hot, some are cold, some are dry and some are wet. And then you have everything in between. Sometimes, you have a vintage where everything kind of lines up. 2016 is such a vintage.

The Fratelli Revello Barolo 2016 is no exception. It seduces you with aromas of red berries, licorice, tobacco and roses. The wine is powerful yet elegant, with a round fruity feel backed up by a good structure.  

Fratelli Revello Barolo 2016

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