Diego Morra 2020

The Diego Morra 2020 wines are very good, as are the other 2020’s I’ve tasted so far. 2020 will be remembered for a pandemic, but it was also a good vintage for wine!

Diego Morra

Diego Morra’s family has been in the wine and hazelnut business since the mid 1900’s. But it’s not until recently Diego started to bottle the wine under his own label. This practice was quite common back in the day. Today, the wine is bottled under the label Diego Morra. You can read more about the winery here.

Diego Morra 2020 Langhe Rosato

The Diego Morra Langhe Rosato is made with 100% Nebbiolo, from the same vinyeards as the Nebbiolo Il Sarto.The grapes were harvested a little bit earlier than 2019, giving the wine a bit more freshness. Earlier harvest also results in lower alcohol, lower sugar and a bit higher acidity.

The Diego Morra Langhe Rosato is prefect for the summer! You can enjoy it on the terrace or with light dishes like salads or fish. You’ll find aromas of fresh fruits like strawberry and peach. It’s very fresh but also has a bit of structure.

Diego Morra 2020 Langhe Rosato

Diego Morra 2020 Langhe Chardonnay

For the 2020 vintage Diego Morra made a pretty big change to their vinification of the Chardonnay. The previous vintages have all been aged in stainless steel. Now, 30% of the wine ages in medium oak barrels for about 6 months before it’s blended with the 70% aged in stainless steel tanks. This gives the wine a great balance between structure and freshness!

The 2020 is my favorite Chardonnay from Diego Morra so far! Don’t get me wrong, the 2018 and 2019 were good, but the 2020 is excellent! Pear and citrus on the nose. Crisp, quite aromatic. Fruit and citrus notes in the mouth as well. Round, fuller than 2019. Very good!

Diego Morra 2020 Dolcetto d’Alba

The 2019 Dolcetto was quite explosive, whereas the 2020 is more concentrated, A very aromatic and fruity wine with aromas of dark red fruit, ripe cherry and blackcurrant. Quite full bodied for a Dolcetto.

Diego Morra Langhe Nebbiolo il Sarto 2019

The Diego Morra Il Sarto 2019 is quite explosive, similar to other 2019’s. Aromas of red berries, cherry and some pepper on the nose. Very fruity in the mouth, with round and approachable tannins. Very balanced with a long finish. Absolutely delicious!

Diego Morra Barbera

Note there is no tasting note on the Barbera. For a very good reason. The Diego Morra Barbera is usually released about 18 months after harvest, having spent some time in oak barrels as well as stainless steel tanks. You could call it a mix between a Barbera and a Barbera Superiore. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out more about the Diego Morra Barbera, but I can promise you it’ll be worth it!

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