Recent Release from Burlotto

Recent Release from Burlotto

Curious about the recent release from Burlotto? So was I.

The visits with Fabio usually tends to be one of the most educational. Yes, we taste the wines, but we also talk. About everything. And the more he talks, the more you realize how profound he is. Want to see for yourself? Check out this recording of our zoom session from last year. We talk about Dolcetto, Freisa, the 2020 and the new Burlotto entry: Castelletto 2018!

Now, back to the recent release from Burlotto. I did not taste the full lineup this time around. Both the Freisa and Pelaverga were “left out”, but I did get to sneak a peak at the 2018 Barolo’s!

Burlotto Dolcetto 2020

A very fruity and elegant Dolcetto, with a bit of structure. As Fabio says, “a lot of brightness”. There is also a sensation of bitter almonds and cherry. I am not sure if you know, but they use around 50% whole cluster in the Dolcetto, giving it that structure.

Burlotto Barbera 2020

Balanced, good body, long finish. Has a bit of spiciness and aromas of pepper, probably from stemming from the soil in Verduno. We all know the Monvigliero has that white pepper characteristic.  

Burlotto Barbera Aves 2020

The Burlotto Barbera Aves is probably one of my all-time favorite Barbera’s. The 2020 is no exception. The Aves 2020 is rich and fleshy but not heavy. Spice notes and red fruit, good structure and high acidity, followed by a long finish.

Burlotto Langhe Nebbiolo 2020

Fabio decided he wouldn’t make Acclivi in 2020, so he put the grapes into the Langhe Nebbiolo instead. Perhaps that’s why this has quite a complex nose. I found aromas of fruit and flowers, as well as leather, and tobacco. Is equally complex in the mouth. It could probably benefit from a few years in the bottle.   

Barolo 2018: A Preview

Recent Release from Burlotto

As Fabio said, “I adore the 18’s”. I too adore the 18’s. Don’t get me wrong, I like the 17. And 16. And 15. And 14. I think each vintage has their own characteristics, and will honestly go so far as to say that there is no such thing as a bad vintage. And it seems, on this, Fabio and I agree.

Because we pay a lot of attention in the vineyard and in the cellar, I think that it’s difficult to have a bad vintage


According to Fabio, he had more work in the vineyards in 2018 than 2017. The spring was more humid, which led to more mildew. The wetness also led to more vegetation and good growth. Overall, the 18’s are quite approachable, gentle and elegant. Although Fabio finds it hard to predict the age of a wine, he thinks the 17 might age a bit better than 18. But as he also said, “it’s important to have wines that are more drinkable in the beginning.”

Burlotto Barolo 2018

Masculine nose with aromas of leather and tobacco, but still fruity and quite approachable. A gentle and elegant wine.

Burlotto Barolo Acclivi 2018

The Acclivi is a bit deeper than the Classico. So elegant in the mouth with a very gentle structure. Fruity and crisp, with a long finish.

Burlotto Barolo Monvigliero 2018

Incredible nose with aromas of white pepper and red fruit, with a hint of spice. It was actually a bit spicy in the mouth as well. A very distinctive wine with a lot of personality.

Burlotto Barolo Cannubi 2018

With the Cannubi, the word elegance springs to mind. Elegant nose, elegant tannins, elegant structure. If I were to pick a wine to demonstrate how a Barolo should smell, this one would be a perfect example.

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  1. Hi Oda, thank you for the overview, but you have forgotten the Castelletto ;-))
    I tasted the wines two months ago, and I was rather astonished by the overall elegance from Fabio’s Barolo’s in the vintage 2018, open-knit perfumed, charming and silky, but with a lot of depth. In my opinion it will be a vintage that will give a lot of pleasure to enjoy. For me the Castelletto had the more “severe” touch of the Monforte slopes, compared to Fabio’s other Baroli, but also layered with the typical “Burlotto”- signature. As modest as Fabio is, he told me he still had to learn and adapt a little to this vineyard, but for a first vintage it’s rather impressive juice! All the best, Noël

    1. Hello! Thanks for your note. I haven’t forgotten the Castelletto. I’ve decided it warrants its own article. So stay tuned!

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