Barbera 2020

Barbera 2020

I’ve tasted quite a few Barbera 2020 this past year, and since I drink a lot of Barbera during the holiday season, I thought it’d be the perfect time to highlight some of my favorite ones! Barbera pairs very well with a lot of Norwegian Christmas food like pinnekjøtt, ribbe and turkey. The acidity in the Barbera goes very well with fatty foods, which is the common denominator in a lot of Norwegian Christmas food. But keep in mind the wine pairing also depends on the side dishes.

Anyways, here are some of my Barbera 2020 highlights. The tasting notes are in alphabetical order.

Pinnekjøtt paried with Sandrone Barbera

Alberto Viberti Barbera

I tasted the Alberto Viberti Barbera 2020 2 weeks after it was bottled, so the wine was a bit stressed. But even then this wine showed very well. A very fruity Barbera that will only get better after a while in the bottle.

Burlotto Barbera

The grapes in the Burlotto Barbera come from vineyards in Verduno and Roddi, including a vineyard that borders Monvigliero. Therefore it’s not odd to find notes of pepper in this wine. A very balanced Barbera with good acidity and good body.

Burlotto Barbera Aves

The Aves has a tad more acidity than the classic Barbera, good structure and a long finish. Notes of spices and red fruit. The Aves is rich and fleshy, but not heavy.

Crissante Alessandria Barbera

The Crissante Alessandria Barbera has quite a brilliant color. Notes of red fruit with a good acidity. A balanced wine.

Diego Morra Barbera

Notes of cherry and spices. Round with a  good body. A very good wine, both on the nose and in the mouth.

Emilio Vada Barbera d’Asti

The Emilio Vada Barbera d’Asti 2020 has a very fresh nose with notes of raspberry. A very drinkable Barbera.

Ettore Germano Barbera d’Alba

Beautiful barbera with intense notes of Cherry. Quite concentrated in the mouth with good structure.

Fratelli Revello Barbera d’alba       

A bit concentrated on the nose, but not warm. Aromas of dark red fruit. This wine would go very well with food.

Ghiomo Lavai

I tasted the Lavai 20 days after bottling, so it was very young. A wine with good balance that developed in the mouth. A balanced wine with a long finish.

La Vedetta Barbera Sarasino

A fruity, full bodied wine. A bit concentrated on the nose with aromas of dark red fruit.

Malabaila di Canale Barbera

This Barbera was very drinkable. Aromas of dark red fruits. Could I sense some notes of blueberry?

Marengo Barbera

A floral and fruity wine with a long finish. Balanced with good acidity.

Mauro Veglio Barbera

A very drinkable Barbera. Light and fruity. Couldn’t feel the 15% alcohol at all!

Nadia Curto Barbera

A fresh and mineral Barbera with notes of cherry. Balanced with good acidity. Cherry, fresh, mineral. Good acidity, balanced.

Paolo Scavino Barbera

Dark dark purple with bright hue, a very intense color. Fruity in the mouth with a bit of structure. Aromas of plum and ripe cherry.

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