Women in Wine

Today, there are tons of women in wine. Just typing this statement feels weird, because why would there not be women working in wine? But rewind about 50 years; it wasn’t that common.

We all know (and love) Chiara Boschis, who today is one of the most important winemakers in Langhe. When she first started out, she was “sort of an exotic fruit” because the fact of the matter was, “there were no women in the winemaking.” Thankfully, it’s not like that today.

These days, there are so many incredibly talented women in wine. There is Carlotta Rinaldi, who is working tirelessly to “leave to the next generation a better place, a better soil or at least as good as our grandfathers and our fathers gave to us.” Then you have Diana Snowden Seysses, a badass woman doing everything in her power to be as sustainable as she possibly can. After experiencing extreme heatwaves in 2017, she started “learning about climate change with maternal fervor.” Her knowledge on climate change and C02 emissions is incredible, and I think we can all learn a lot from her!

Women in Wine – every step of the way

Women in wine are working in every step from the vineyard to the wine stores. And although the actual winemaking is a very important job (otherwise we wouldn’t be drinking really good wine), the other aspects of this industry are also very important. Marketing, Sales, Shipping, Logistics, Design – these are all areas involved in getting the wine out of the winery and into our cellars.

So you have Marta Alessandria and Nadia Curto, who spend a lot of time working in the vineyards and in the wine cellar. And then you have Isabella Oddero and Jenny Battaglino, who work mostly with getting the wine out of the winery and into wine stores (or your wine cellar). Which means you’ll likely find them in the tasting room showing their wines to people from all over the world, or in the office, trying to keep up with the many e-mails that pop up in their inbox every day. Honestly, you wouldn’t believe all the paperwork and bureaucracy that goes on in a winery. But someone has to do it! Which makes it a very important job. So thank you, Isabella and Jenny, and all the other women working in this industry, for all the hard work that you do!

More Wonderful Women

Nadia Curto, a hardworking farmer, doing everything in her power to avoid using chemicals and working sustainably.

Marta Alessandria, an energetic winegrower, who spends most of her time in the vineyards, working in harmony with nature.

Maria Teresa Mascarello, a force to be reckoned with, who makes some of the best wine this world has ever seen!

Swantje Rausch, a persevering young woman, who uprooted her entire life to come make wine in Barbaresco.

Clothilde Lafarge, a young, fierce winegrower, making some of the best wines Burgundy has to offer.

Silvia Altare, an incredibly intelligent woman, who has taught me so much over the years.

Veronica Corino, a passionate and kind winemaker, working hard in the vineyard, the cellar and the tasting room.

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