tbt – what have I been up to lately?

tbt – throwing it back to the past few weeks

Who doesn’t love a tbt? I know I am very fortunate to be able to look back on these wonderful memories. You’ll see that I make pizza very often, both by myself and with others. You’ll see that I went for a joyride with Lorenzo and his girlfriend (and that we made Lorenzo sit in the back!)

Looking back I get a smile on my face. Especially when I see the picture of my dad hugging the kick ass chef at Centro Storico. Or Silvia working hard in her garden (as usual). Oh, and when the grandmother of Bruno (the owner of Corte Gondina) cooked and egg with me in the kicthen. How cool is that?

Fun Fact Friday: Elio Altare and his side project

Elio Altare is more than just a wine maker

Elio Altare is known for his amazing wines, but what you may not know is that on the side he also makes salami! If you sneak away during one of the tours at the cellar you can find his salami hanging form the ceiling, waiting to be “harvested”. He doesn’t really ┬ásell them, they are mostly for family and friends. He is a farmer, to the core, so these projects are never about the money.

Elio Altare

Photo by Torstein Harildstad

What is next for Elio Altare?

Elio has tons of energy and he puts all this energy into many “side” projects. Everytime I see him he has something new in the wings. Last I heard he was thinking about making bubbles. I wonder what it will be next time!