Favorite Italian Whites Part 1

Pinner, Cavallotto: Cavallotto is obe of my favorite producers, their reds are fantastic. But I also love their whites. They make two, a Langhe Chardonnay and their Pinner. Although they are both good, I prefer the Pinner. It’s a 100% Pinot Noir


Herzu, Ettore Germano: Mr. Sergio Germano makes many good wines, but the Herzu is by far my favorite! It’s a Riesling, but tastes nothing like it. It’s fresh and earthy, and not that sweet. I definitely recommend it.

Cinqueterre, Elio Altare: Elio has a big heart, an ambitious mind and kind soul. His project in Cinqueterre is helping save the land and prevent more mudslides. He makes wine on the steep hills near the ocean. It’s hard work, all done by hand and that’s why the wines are a little expensive. His Cinqueterre white wine is one of my favorites. You can read about the project on his website: http://www.elioaltare.com/en/cinqueterre-cantina-campogrande/13 There is also another post on my previous blog, you can read it here: http://piemontegirl92.blogspot.com/search/label/cinqueterreIMG_4975

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