Isabella Oddero and I have been friends online for a while, and I figured it was time to meet in person. And what better way thank to do a tasting at the winery. She was kind enough to show me around even though she was sick, and I got the grand and Manhatten, her golden retriever, joined us in the cellar.


The Oddero winery is an old one, one of the historical ones in Piemonte, dating back to the 18th century. At the start of the tour there is a little museum showing the old tools used to make wine. I just have to say “Thank God for technology.”


Today, Christina Oddero is the main winemaker, with her niece Isabella doing most of the travelling and wine marketing. The first recorded bottle of wine made is in 1878. Another interesting fact about the Oddero winery is that they have a vineyard in Barbaresco, and make a Barbaresco wine, but they are one of the few who are allowed to bring the grapes back to La Morra and make it there. Usually, if you have vineyards in Barbaresco you can only call the wine Barbaresco if the wine is made within the borders of Barbaresco. The exception was made because Oddero started making Barbaresco before the rule was set in place.


After the tour, we of course tasted some wines. We started with their White wine, which is a blend of Riseling and Chardonnay. It is an unusual blend of grapes, but it was very good and refreshing. We went on to the reds, starting with Dolcetto, then Barbera, then Barolo of course, their Barbaresco, and at the end I tried their Moscato. I LOVE Moscato, especially in the summer! And their Moscato Vineyard was the dowry from Isabella’s grandmothers wedding.

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