Day 1

I’m back! And damn it feels good!

After I checked in at my aribnb I ran across the street to one of my favorite places, More e Macine. And as I suspected I was met with many friendly and familiar faces. I sat down at a table alone, but shortly thereafter Renato Corino and his wife asked me to join their table. I gladly accepted and a few hours later we got up to leave.


Old picture from More e Macine

It’s the best feeling. The people here are so welcoming, I don’t think I have ever truly been alone when I am in this area. No wonder I love it here so much.

It was so good to see Ito again, along with the staff at More e Macine. A few other familiar faces came and went, as is the atmosphere in La Morra.

Great start to the vacation! Stay tuned!

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