Next stop – Piemonte!

Piemonte – It’s been too long!

After a sort of “hiatus” I am finally going back to Piemonte! Since I moved back to Oslo it’s not as easy to take a quick trip for the weekend as it was when I lived in Milan. But the time has finally come! Yay! As per usual, my schedule is jam-packed with lunches, dinners and winery visits.. And this time I will be visiting new wineries. Should be interesting!


Since the trip is short, I will mostly be eating at the same places and seeing many of the “usual” people, but I am not complaining!! I can’t wait to eat at Osteria Veglio, More e Macine and Osteria Vignaiolo. Ciccio is of course on the itinerary along with some champagne! And I will probably be hanging around Annunziata with my friends (Altare, Corino, Veglio – and the geese!!)

If you’re in Piemonte October 12-15 let me know!



Planning my trip to Barolo

My next trip to Barolo is fast approaching and the winery visits are quickly adding up. I try to plan as many tastings and dinners as I can, but the Italian people do not do so well with planning. So, they key to success is to plan as many visits as possible, but leave enough space open for impromptu garden parties and aperitivos.


Claudia Cigliuti and Chiara Boschis

I have booked a few visits. I’ll be visiting Massolino in Serralunga, never been there before. I also booked a visit with Claudia Cigliuti,  I have never been there either. Luisa Rocca is in the books and hopefully she’ll join us for lunch in Babaresco.

I am hoping to be able to visit Ettore Germano as well, everyone knows I love his Herzu! And of course I hope to pay visits to the usual suspects.


Day 1

I’m back! And damn it feels good!

After I checked in at my aribnb I ran across the street to one of my favorite places, More e Macine. And as I suspected I was met with many friendly and familiar faces. I sat down at a table alone, but shortly thereafter Renato Corino and his wife asked me to join their table. I gladly accepted and a few hours later we got up to leave.


Old picture from More e Macine

It’s the best feeling. The people here are so welcoming, I don’t think I have ever truly been alone when I am in this area. No wonder I love it here so much.

It was so good to see Ito again, along with the staff at More e Macine. A few other familiar faces came and went, as is the atmosphere in La Morra.

Great start to the vacation! Stay tuned!