Femmes Fatales

Chiara (3)

Territoriet does a good job of gathering wine people, and this time was no different. Veslemøy, part of the Moestue group, had organized for Chiara and Claudia to come and show their wines. The theme for the night was “Femmes Fatales”, which is fitting as these women are strong characters in Piemonte.

Chiara Boschis is located in Barolo and she was part of the Barolo Boys revolution in Piemonte. She is a wonderful person, a very good winemaker and very fun to be around. I reccommend visiting with her at her winery.

Chiara (2)

I am less familiar with Claudia Ciglitui, but I do know her wines. Claudia is located in Barbaresco and I hope to visit the winery and learn more about the wines and the family this summer. You can read more about them on their website.



The visit with these wonderful winemakers was too short as always, but they are very busy, so I am grateful for any amount of time spent with them.

The wines they “showed” that night included Barbera from both producers as well as a few Barolo and Barbaresco.

From Chiara Boschis:

  • Barolo Cannubi 2009
  • Barolo Cannubi 2005
  • Barolo Via Nuova 2006
  • Barolo Via Nuova 2007
  • Barolo Via Nuova 2008

From Claudia Cigliuti:

  • Barbaresco Serraboella 2012
  • Barbaresco Via Erte 2012

Femmes Fatales


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