Top 5 restaurants in Barolo

  1. Mangè
  2. Centro Storico
  3. More e Macine
  4. Osteria Veglio
  5. Osteria dei Vignaiolo



At Mangè you will find Maria Kristina and her husband. Maria is the chef, and her food is out of this world. The atmosphere at Mangè is friendly and you feel like you are surrounded by family and friends. You can come here for lunch or dinner, but also if you just want a glass of wine, a snack or a gin tonic. They have a little patio outside, where you have a view of the barolo hills and can catch the action of La Morra. Since the restaurant is located in the middle of La Morra, you are sure to witness the local life at its best.

Centro Storico

At Centro Storico, a small restaurant hidden in Serralunga d’Alba, you will find the best Champagne list outside of Champagne. You will also find Ciccio. Ciccio, which means little fat, is the owner. He, alongside his wife, make incredible food, and will serve it to you at one of the 8 tables they have. It may be small, but it’s a can’t miss if you are in the Piemonte region.


More e Macine

Located in La Morra, Ito and his crew will serve you good food and wine in a fantastic atmosphere. If you look around, it is almost guarenteed one of the winemakers in the area will sit at one of the tables, drinking coffee or wine, chatting with their friends.

Osteria Veglio

You can find Osteria Veglio along the widning road leading up to La Morra, in Annunizata. The restauarant recently changed chefs, and it has become a *must* when we are in the Barolo area. The food is incredible, and if you’re lucky, the terrace has room so that you can eat with a view.

Osteria dei Vignaiolo

This little gem can be found at a crossroads in Santa Maria. Weather permitting, sitting outside is a treat! The food is very good, but I go for the Panacotta! Truly amazing. I haven’t found panacotta that good anywhere else.





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  1. For the pannacotta you shoukd try L’Argaj’s. And then we’ll talk again 😉

  2. Sounds delicious! Perhaps we can introduce you to one of our favorites in the Langhe when we do some more exploring in Piemonte this fall? We’re gonna stay in Rodello again, we love that little corner of the Langhe. Best. Meals. Ever!

  3. Nice choices – all excellent and very nicely priced. May I also suggest Fonanazza, a trattoria just outside of La Morra. First-rate!

    1. I also really like Fontanazza, and it is beautifully located. I picked my 5 favorites, but Fontanazza is right up there! And there are of course many other excellent restaurants in the area!

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