Pylsa & Barolo


Every year we have an event called “Pylsa & Barolo”. The event is in reality my fathers birthday celebration, but he doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday, so he organizes a garden party instead. The whole concept is that we serve different kinds of Hot Dogs with Barolo as the wine pairing. It is a strange combination but somehow it just works.


This year’s lineup was composed of what we call “family wine”. Over the years we have made many friends in Barolo, and some of these winemakers have become part of the family along the way. Bartolo Mascarello has always been a favorite, and we are a big fan of Maria Teresa and Alan. If we are having #family wine” Altare has to be on the list. Not only have I worked at the winery, they are our oldest friends in Barolo. Their neighbors, Mauro Veglio are also considered part of the family. Daniela and Mauro are wonderful. Last but not least there is Vietti. Luca and Elena are a riot and I always feel at home with them. My favorite thing to do with them is to sit around their dining table, listening to the family while drinking wine and eating home made food. I wish they could all have been there yesterday but at least I will see them all in July!


This was the final tally. 24 bottles of wine.

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