Top 5 “local” dishes in Barolo

  1. Insalata Russa
  2. Vitello Tonnato
  3. Ragu
  4. Carne Cruda
  5. Bagna Cauda


Insalata Russa

A “russian” salad of peas, carrots and potato with a mayo tuna sauce. One of my favorites!

osteria veglio

Vitello Tonnato

A tuna sauce with kapers over sliced veal. Very good!



Usually served with tajarin, this ragu is a must. The meat varies, but it’s usually rabbit (which always makes me feel a little strange, but if you pretend it’s something else it tastes good!).

le torri

Carne Cruda

I don’t have a picture, but most people know what it is. They often call it Battuta di Fassone and it’s served with olive oil and salt. Not one of my favorites.

Bagna Cauda

I have never tried this dish because I am usually in Barolo in the wrong “season”. It’s more of a fall/winter dish. It’s like a warm sauce and you can eat it similar to a fondue.

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