L’osteria del Vignaiolo

If you're ever on my instagram, you'll see I frequent Osteria del Vignaiolo! It is a must when I am in Piemonte. The food pictures really speak for themselves - and yes I know I always eat the same things! But wouldn't you eat this all day if you could? It has become a tradition... Continue Reading →

Top 5 “local” dishes in Barolo

Insalata Russa Vitello Tonnato Ragu Carne Cruda Bagna Cauda   Insalata Russa A "russian" salad of peas, carrots and potato with a mayo tuna sauce. One of my favorites! Vitello Tonnato A tuna sauce with kapers over sliced veal. Very good! Ragu Usually served with tajarin, this ragu is a must. The meat varies, but... Continue Reading →

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