Winery Wednesday

Giovanni Corino


Giovanni Corino is a family owned winery located in La Morra, or more precisely, Annunziata, in the Barolo area. The winery is fairly small, they produce about 40,000 bottles a year. They produce the “normal” lineup, meaning Dolcetto, Barbera, Langhe Nebbiolo and a few Barolos. You will also find their Barbera Cibot dù Re, which is their superiore barbera (and personally one of my favorites).

If you are looking for a winery to visit, this should be on your list. The family is so friendly and you will have the chance to taste many excellent wines. To make an appointment you can visit their website http://www.corino.it/http://www.corino.it/ or send them an email: corinogiuliano@libero.it

View from their winery

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