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IMG_9783If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Giuseppe, you should book a tasting here right away. Cavallotto is located in the outskirts of Castiglione Falletto in Barolo, and here you can find the 3 winemaker siblings: Laura, Alfio and Giuseppe. Together they make all the decisions about the winemaking, but their responsibilities around the winery varies. Giuseppe stays more in the cellar while Alfio travels more.


Apart from the fact that they make amazing wine, it’s always fascinating meeting with Giuseppe. He is very interested in the weather, and has 3 weather stations of his own. He can tell you the weather in any month in any year, going back many years. Giuseppe is very modest, and will protest if you tell him that his wines are incredible. He is also quick to give credit to other wineries which is a quality I really appreciate. IMG_9821

Cavallotto would be called a “traditional” winery in the sense that they use big botti (as opposed to barrique) and they produce around 100,000 bottles a year. You can find 2 white wines here, Pinner and Langhe Chardonnay. Pinner (a fantasy name) is made with 100% pinot noir. I personally really like their whites. If you want to read more about their winery, take a look at their website.

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