Winery Wednesday



Although a fairly small winery, it’s definitely worth a visit. Trediberri is basically just 3 people from Berri (kind of): Nicola Oberto, Federico Oberto and Vladimiro Rambaldi. The winery is fairly hidden in the valley below La Morra, below the Rocche dell’Annunziata vineyard. We were lucky to visit with Nicola, and he showed us both the winery and the vineyard. What I love about Nicola is that he so passionate and he loves to talk about his work. He went into quite some detail about the vines, the grapes and the cellar work. I even got to taste some sulfite!


One of his passions is to educate the younger generation about wines, and I definitely learned a few things during my visit. We unfortunately did not get to taste wines as we ran out of time, but I will for sure try them at a later date. It was a real pleasure to meet with Nicola, and I hope you will have the same pleasure sometime.


If you want more information about the winery, check out their website.

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