Winery Wednesday

Bruno Rocca


I know I focus a lot on Barolo, but as many of you know Barbaresco is also an amazing wine area. And one of my favorite producers from that region is Bruno Rocca. They have a really good selection of wines and a beautiful estate, so if you’re looking for wineries in Barbaresco (or Piemonte for that matter) you should check it out.

rocca secret lineup

The Rocca family has been making wine for decades, starting as early as the 1830’s. However, it wasn’t until 1978 that Bruno Rocca started making wine under the family name. And now his childern, Luisa and Francesco also work at the winery. You can see Luisa in the picture below. One of the prides of Barbaresco is the Rabajà, a very well known cru. tbt barbaresco tower

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