Wine of the Week

Cantina del Pino Langhe Nebbiolo Wine: Langhe Nebbiolo Producer: Cantina del Pino Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Nebbiolo Vintage: 2014   Eye: light red, transparent Nose: fruity, spicy, smoky, cherries Mouth: fruity, smooth, good structure, Price Point: $30 Available at Vinmonopolet: yes Available at Systembolaget: no

Wine of the Week

Marchesi di Gresy Langhe Chardonnay Wine: Langhe Chardonnay Producer: Marchesi di Gresy Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Chardonnay Vintage: 2011   Eye: Bright straw yellow Nose: apple, pineapple, citrus, sweet Mouth: oaky yet mineral, some citrus Price Point: $30 Available at Vinmonopolet: no Available at Systembolaget: no

Winery Wednesday

Bruno Rocca I know I focus a lot on Barolo, but as many of you know Barbaresco is also an amazing wine area. And one of my favorite producers from that region is Bruno Rocca. They have a really good selection of wines and a beautiful estate, so if you're looking for wineries in Barbaresco... Continue Reading →

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