What is Giovanni Corino known for (besides wine)?

Fun Fact Friday: Giovanni Corino

Do you know what Giovanni Corino is know for besides wine? Gardening!

Giovanni Corino

Barolo is normally associated with wine, but sometimes we forget that many of the winemakers are farmers. Which means their skill also goes beyond the vineyards. So it’s self explanatory that many grow their own vegetables. And the “best garden” (according to the locals) is the garden of the Corino family. Giovanni and Carlo each have their own garden, both equally wonderful (at least in my non professional opinion.)

Giovanni Corino garden

The gardens, located beside the Corino winery, are what all the other rookie gardeners aspire to. If you need any tips, I am sure the brothers won’t mind a chat. The only requirement is that you speak Italian and Piedmontese. Good luck!


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