Bartolo Mascarello: The Woman, the Myth, the Legend

Bartolo Mascarello: A legend

Maria Teresa Bartolo Mascarello is an incredible woman. If you haven’t been to her winery, you definitely should. You’ll find her in Barolo (the town), but don’t try to find her email adress to make an appointment. She doesn’t really use email. Or the internet. So call or ring the bell.

Bartolo Mascarello

MT is a busy woman so you may be shown around by Alan, a wonderful man from the United States who has worked with Bartolo Mascarello for years. Before Maria Teresa was the boss, her dad Bartolo was the boss. This winery has always been firm “traditionalists”, which means they only use big botti (and not small barrique).

Bartolo Mascarello
Winemaker Selfie

Maria Teresa is one of the most passionate winemakers I have ever met. She makes wines because that’s what she loves, and she’s not shy about it. Hearing her talk about her work is enchanting and I love listening every time I get to do it.

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