Palm trees – Which Barolo Winemaker is known for them?

Which winemaker in Barolo grows palm trees?

I bet you didn’t know that Burlotto grows palm trees as well as grapes. If you get to visit his winery in Verduno, maybe he’ll show you. You can see some of them from the street, including the beautiful big one pictured below. It’s funny to me that almost all the winemakers have their own “thing”. Elio makes sausage, Corino has geese – I wonder what other winemakers are hiding behind their winemaking skills.

If you hadn’t heard about the palm trees, you have probably heard about his wines. In one word – incredible. He recently received 100 points by Galloni for his Barolo Monivgliero 2013, which is a pretty big deal in the wine world. Anyways, if you visit him maybe he’ll tell you about his other hobby and show you his amazing collection of trees (along with his wines of course).

Palm trees

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