Diego Morra

The Morra family has been in the wine business since the mid 1900’s. But it’s only recently bottled under the label Diego Morra.

Have you ever heard of the grape Pelaverga?

Burlotto Pelaverga Pelaverga is a very special grape that is indigenous to Verduno in Piemonte. There are not that many winemakers that make wine with the pelaverga grape (I don't think I have tried any other pelaverga wines) but I really like the one Burlotto makes. Wine: Pelaverga Producer: Burlotto Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: pelaverga Vintage: 2014   Eye: light,... Continue Reading →

Burlotto – A treasure in Verduno

Burlotto - The Palm Tree King (and winemaker of course) Not only does Burlotto grow palm trees, he also makes excellent wines! In a beautiful house in Verduno, you will find a winemaker of the ages (and his 2 beautiful dogs). I am known for my love of La Morra but I will happily visit... Continue Reading →

Signor Toni’s Wine of The Week

More like Wine of the Month Burlotto Aves: Toni's new obssession. And honestly, can you blame him? Burlotto has been a favorite for quite some time, but for some reasone the Aves 2016 has really impressed Toni (an myself). When you drink it you think that this is how a barbera should taste. Burlotto Aves 2016... Continue Reading →

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