A Cascina Nuova Christmas

Cascina Nuova: A Corino Christmas Night


I love Christmas, and as you can see Cascina Nuova is now all ready for Christmas. And how perfect is Giovanni Corino‘s wine for Christmas? The red label goes great with the Christmas colors!


Early December we had a sort of Christmas Party with food and baking and wine. My danish friend made some delicious danish cookies for us, and a really nice danish christmas meal. I love having such an international friend group; you get introduced to so many different foods and traditions. In addition to my danish friend, there was my dear friend from Bangladesh, a good friend from Canada and a new friend from Russia! Talk about diverse group of girls!


Check out my amazing baking skills! And my beautiful santa hat! See the glitter? This hat was bought at a mall in Pennsylvania when I was maybe 6 years old, and has been my favorite head wear ever since! Anyone have any Christmas traditions or favorite parts of the holidays?


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