Winery Wednesday – Legendary visit with Andrea Oberto

Winery Wednesday is back! Last October I had the sincere pleasure of meeting Andrea Oberto! It was probably the most legendary winery visit I have ever had.


It started with just me and Andrea, speaking ONLY Italian. He showed me the cellar and we tasted his wines. Then, this swiss couple show up. And guess what? They only speak German and very little English. And Andrea does not speak any English or German. So, the Norwegian (me) had to translate. So, I did the visit all over again! 4 hours later, I left with wine for my cellar and a dinner invitation!


Andrea Oberto started his winery in 1978, and in 2003 the new wine cellar was finished. You can now find Andrea near the town of Verduno, in the outskirts of La Morra. He has 16 acres of vineyards, among them are Barolo BrunateBarolo Rocche and Barolo Albarella. 


winery wednesday

If you ever have the chance to visit with Andrea, you should! I can come as a translator! To make an appointment you can email the cantina obertoandrea@libero.it or call 0173 50104. If you go, say hello from me! And stay tuned for more Winery Wednesday!

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