Dolcetto – the often forgotten grape in Piemonte

Vietti Dolcetto Tre Vigne

I love dolcetto. Always have. It’s easy to drink, refreshing, doesn’t need to be accompanied by food and has little to no tannins. Vietti’s is no exception; a world class wine! Not that their other wines are not good either, I mean all their wines are top notch. Vietti even has a soft spot for Barbera. But I digress.

Why Dolcetto is often forgotten, put aside and left behind I will never know. I understand that Barolo is the big gun in Piemonte, and I can see that dolcetto would be “plain” in comparison. But who says wine always have to be big and expensive? There is no need to open a $50 bottle of wine on a regular Tuesday evening. I usually save my Barolo’s for guests or special occasions, and pick the “smaller” wines on “regular” days.

IMG_8914Wine: Tre Vigne

Producer: Vietti

Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy

Grape varieties: Dolcetto

Vintage: 2014

Eye: Purple red

Nose: black cherry, raspberry, blueberry, minerals

Mouth: red berries, soft tannins, moderate acidity, well balanced

Price Point: $20

Available at Vinmonopolet: yes

Available at Systembolaget: yes

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