Prowein 2018

Prowein 2018: The Vinitaly of Germany

I myself have never been to Prowein, but I have been to Vinitaly and I imagine it’s very similar. Basically too many wineries to count get together and show their wines to the people in the trade; which means you have to be a member of the trade to get access. Now, I am not sure how loose the definition of trade is, so you might get access if you can somehow make it sound like you are in the trade. When I went to Vinitaly, a friend gave me her second pass, so that’s how I was able to attend. I know, lucky me!

Anyways, the fair is from March 18 – March 20 and some of the winemakers I know that will attend are:

Corino, Altare, Fratelli Revello, Carlo Revello , Burlotto, Cavallotto, Marengo and Mauro Veglio. 

Check the Prowein website for more info.




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