Winery Wednesday: You may already know this one

Winery Wednesday: Mauro Veglio

You have probably already heard of Mauro Veglio, but I thought I’d write a little about them anyways. Located in Annunziata, next to Silvia Altare, Mauro and Daniela have produced wine since 1986. And now they have joined forces with their nephew Alessandro Veglio.

Mauro Veglio, Daniela and Alessandro Veglio


I have known Mauro, Daniela and Alessandro for years and have been a huge fan of their wines for many years! The winery produces 4 cru barolos, as well as dolcetto, barber and nebbiolo. One of my favorites is their babera superiore, Cascina Nuova. I also love their Langhe Nebbiolo, Angelo, named after Mauro’s father.

Cru’s Castelletto, Gattera and Arborina

A visit with Daniela is always fun! She speaks english very well and german! Maybe if you’re lucky she will get some wine right from the tank!

If you want to visit them you can check out their website or send an email: mauroveglio@mauroveglio.com. If you visit them, say hello from me!


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